Elementary Mathematics Curriculum  
Enfield Public Schools Mathematics Curriculum K-5 is based on the belief that a curriculum should be designed to help students develop into knowledgeable confident mathematical practitioners. Our mathematics standards are based on what we believe represents what students need to know and do to be successful in college and careers. To best prepare children to move onto middle school, high school, and beyond prepared for college and or career pathways and success in a global economy, we have adopted a set of standards that provides our students with numerous and varied integrated experiences.

Based on the Connecticut Core, our curriculum has a set of focused and coherent standards designed to develop core conceptual ideas in the early grades and give students a chance to truly master the mathematical practices and procedures. The K‐5 standards are built on best mathematical practices that provide an optimal learning situation where math is taught in concert with other disciplines and helps students navigate through topics such as fractions, numerical understandings and geometry, and does so by maintaining a continuous progression from grade to grade. 
Mathematics Resources
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