Starting with macOS 10.15 Catalina, Apple no longer supports 32-bit applications, including ExamView. I’m sorry that you weren’t aware of this. An online version of ExamView is on Echo360’s roadmap but I do not have a date yet.

PointSolutions (formerly TurningPoint desktop) with ExamView support has been released. You can convert ExamView test (.tst) and question bank (.bnk) files into PointSolutions question lists (tests), create new question lists, and print them. PointSolutions is a free download from https://downloads.turning.com/downloads/turningclassic.
Here is an article to assist ExamView to PointSolutions Desktop Mac – Support

We also have video tutorials available:
· ExamView to PointSolutions: https://echo360.com/videos/evp-to-tp-classic/
· Converting ExamView question banks/tests and printing: https://echo360.com/videos/converting-ev-tests-and-printing/
· Managing ExamView question lists: https://echo360.com/videos/managing-ev-question-lists/
· Multiple Versions: https://echo360.com/videos/versioning/
· Build a test from existing content: https://echo360.com/videos/test-creation/