Program of Studies


To provide parents, students, and staff with a useful reference to help understand course content. When choosing courses, students will need to consider the following:

  • Graduation requirements: There are many required courses which students must take before they can graduate.
  • Post-secondary goals: When choosing courses keep in mind the student’s goals for after high school. If you are unsure what courses are best for your son or daughter, his or her school counselor will be able to make suggestions based on the student’s post-secondary goals.
  • Course sequences: In some cases, the courses a student takes in Grade 9 will affect what he or she can take in Grade 12. It is important to plan ahead. Consult with your student’s teachers and counselor for assistance in choosing appropriate courses, then choose the appropriate courses.
  • Course levels and weights: Some courses are leveled and weighted higher than others. These weights affect a student’s cumulative grade point average. Check the course descriptions to determine the weighting and select the course level that best meets the needs of the student.