Principal's Message

The purpose of this Program of Studies is to provide students and parents with information about all the curriculum offerings and courses available at Enfield High School. Students and parents should take time to read and examine the course descriptions. Then together with our school counselors, we can plan the very best educational program possible for each student.

We strive to provide students with a learning environment that will encourage them to become capable and confident learners. The diversity of our educational program serves to meet many of the individual learning needs of all students. With the cooperation and support of parents, our staff will educate students in a way that will prepare them to become productive and responsible citizens in our rapidly changing local, state, national, and global communities.

This Program of Studies also contains valuable information necessary to support our student expectations for learning and shared goal of graduation from Enfield Public Schools. Parents and students will find information about graduation requirements, class rank, grading policy, educational testing, and much more. The staff at Enfield High School looks forward to working with families to plan the best post-secondary program for each student. Thoughtful course selection is the first step in this process. This will serve as the foundation that supports all college and career choices.

We extend our support and encouragement to all students at Enfield High School so that they can enjoy the very best school year experience possible.

Erin Clark
Enfield High School