Planning for Technical/Vocational Careers

There are many career opportunities that do not require a four-year college degree. However, expanding technologies, as well as increased competition from other industrial countries have impacted the kinds of high-level math and science skills that high school graduates will need in order to be successful in the world of work. Apprenticeship, certificate, and associate degree programs are available to high school graduates interested in technical/vocational careers. Interested students should meet with their School Counselor or the Career Counselors for more information.

Below is a basic outline for planning a technical or vocational preparation program.


4 credits

Minimum of four credits, including literature and writing courses


4 credits

Minimum of Algebra 1 and Geometry; for many careers, a strong mathematics background is required


Minimum of 3 credits

Minimum of two years of Science; Physics recommended

Social Studies

Minimum of 3 credits

Minimum of Modern World History, United States History, Civics in Action, and Foundations of Government

Vocational/Business/ Tech Ed./Family and Consumer Science

3-4 credits

Select a variety of courses appropriate for career interest in consultation with your school counselor


Students can obtain assistance from the Career Counselors at Enfield High School on the following:

  • Cooperative Work Internship experiences
  • job shadowing experiences
  • career exploration field trips and career fairs

Information regarding the college connections manufacturing program and a variety of technical and trade school program ACC.