Peer Mentoring

The curriculum of the Peer Mentoring program supports the mission of Enfield High School. The program provides training that focuses on the development of leadership skills and effective interpersonal skills for mentors to better assist grade 9 students transitioning to high school. Embedded in the program is training that teaches students to:

  • Demonstrate compassion and leadership towards others
  • Understand role and responsibility of leadership
  • Express and share ideas
  • Recognize importance of effective listening and speaking skills
  • Make appropriate academic, social and personal choices

Course Description

Students in Peer Mentoring participate in a program designed to support the transition of grade 9 students to high school utilizing leadership skills and relationship building skills. Peer Mentors work collaboratively with a faculty member to engage grade 9 students (mentees) in lesson topics and discussion that develop interpersonal skills needed to be successful beyond the high school environment. Students develop healthy and supportive relationships with mentees while serving as role models for appropriate academic, social and personal choices which lead to success in high school.

Peer mentoring responsibilities include: mentoring block participation, meetings with coordinator to engage in training, lesson development, and orientation for grade 8 students. Those students wishing to pursue 1/4 credit will research, design, create, and present a project with a mentoring focus to an administrative team.