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The time is now!

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Many issues with your child's iPad can be resolved with a Fresh Start.
It's easy and takes care of 90% of the issues we encounter everyday.

  1. Update your iPad first by going to Settings> General> Update Software.

  2. Next, your iPad needs to be erased and logged into both  the Microsoft and Apple ID login with the SAME eps issued credentials.

    Many people have entered this own personal Apple ID by mistake. This unfortunately confuses our Microsoft 365 apps  that we use and at some point will cause problems with our apps talking to each other.

    Even if you log out of your personal AppleID, the iPad needs to erased.

The YELLOW link below will walk you through updating and erasing the iPad.


Reminder: you cannot log into or out of a personal AppleID.

Please turn on Location services.

Your data is stored in the "cloud" and will not be affected. You will need your login and password.

Go to:



Reset (all the way at the bottom of the second column)

 Erase All Contents and Settings

You cannot log into or out of a personal AppleID. 

Please turn on Location services.

Once everything is done installing, please  sign-in to the following apps in this order: 

  1. OneDrive
  2. OneNote 
  3. Outlook 
  4. Teams

The first few links below help with setting up the iPad.  The last two links contain information about the support team, if you are interested.

·  Setting Up Your iPad

·  Signing In To Your Office365 Applications on your iPad

· Getting Started with Teams on your iPad

· How to Update your iOS and Erase your iPad 

·Introducing the EPS Student and Family EdTechSupport Team

· How to Join the EPS Student and Family Support Team with the Code 7amtdee

We are very excited about bringing technology to ALL of our students with our new 1:1 iPad Program. Bookmark this page. We will have lots of videos and supports (<--- LEFT Column) available here as we introduce everyone to our new devices.

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