The Connecticut Certificate of Global Engagement

The Connecticut Certificate of Global Engagement is a recognition given by the Enfield Public Schools, in conjunction with the Connecticut State Department of Education. The program recognizes students who have successfully completed a global education curriculum and engaged in co-curricular activities and experiences that foster the development of global competencies and citizenship.

The purpose of the Certificate of Global Engagement program, as described by the Connecticut State Department of Education, is to:

  • Educate a globally competent citizenry by encouraging students to pursue the global aspects of their education.
  • Serve as an enhancement of a student’s profile in the college admissions process.
  • Serve as an important hiring consideration by prospective employers.

The program includes the following components:

  1. Globally-focused coursework: Students are required to earn seven credits from the eligible list of courses, three of which must be a world language, and must complete each course with a B- average or better. Courses with a global focus are designated as “G” courses in the course descriptions. 20
  2. Globally-focused student activities: Students are required to participate in a minimum of one globally-themed extracurricular activity over at least three years of high school.
  3. Global service learning project: Students are required to complete a service project connected to a global community or to a contemporary global issue. The time spent engaging in this project must equal at least 20 hours. Upon conclusion of the project, students must submit a reflection paper or product.

Students who commit to this program will work with an assigned advisor to ensure they are on track to meet all requirements. Students who successfully meet all requirements will receive a seal affixed to their diploma, as well as recognition of earning the Certificate of Global Engagement on their transcript.