Summer School

A summer high school program is offered to residents of Enfield for the purpose of making up credit loss and/or required courses, grade improvement, and literacy/numeracy support for graduation requirements.

Enrollment and credit for any summer school course taken in Enfield or outside the district must receive prior approval from the student’s school counselor and building administrator. Summer school courses, unless approved in advance, are weighted as College/Career Prep for computing the grade point average. No more that 50% of the total credits needed in a required subject area for graduation may be earned in summer school. The student must complete all established requirements for a given summer school course to receive credit. An enrichment course will not replace any required course, nor can it be applied toward the number of credits required for graduation.

Students may enroll in other pre-approved summer school programs in order to take prerequisite courses or to increase their general knowledge. The Enfield Public Schools is a part of the Bloomfield/Hartford/West Hartford Collaborative Summer School program. Credits awarded for the courses offered in this program adhere to state guidelines. Courses taken at a college will be awarded the same number of high school credits as they would have been awarded had the courses been taken at Enfield High School. Students may submit a request to include approved college courses on their high school transcript.

Refer to Board of Education Policy 6174 for detailed information about summer school.